Paradise cruises 2 to 18 July: music & theater on the water

The Parade has settled in the Westbroekpark again. Waterkant, Willemsvaart and the Music Academy The Hague have therefore made a nice side program together.

Get in the mood before you go to the Parade or book a Paradijsvaart if you missed a Parade ticket.

Willemsvaart moors daily at the Waterkant jetty where you can step on for a Paradijsvaart: A boat trip with music & theater on the water.

Come and have a bite to eat, or do a take-away, take your wine on the boat (we also sell half bottles of wine) and enjoy.

In addition to the Paradijsvaarten, we have DJs on 3 and 17 July.

Saturday 3 July, Waterkant will have Scroll Radio . In front of the bunker are at 4 pm Da_Proklamator and at 6 pm Human Nature DJ. These ‘Garden Sessions’ will be recorded and can be heard later on Scroll Radio.

Two weeks later, on July 17, is the last Saturday of the Parade. Traditionally, it’s party time with Tabass-co DJs at Waterkant. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the Tabass-co party after the tightened measures, which apply after the last press conference.

Look below for the entire program and book your ticket.

Tickets: € 10,- via or, if there is still a spot, on site at the boat .

At around 6 pm, terrace visitors can already see and hear a part of the program. The rest of the program can be experienced while sailing on the boat of Willemsvaart.

We are very proud of ‘our’ Valerie Scheffers, who will kick off with Nora van der Winden on Friday 2 July. These talented ladies bring pop songs.

Sunday 4th July and Friday 9th July, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th is for the Johnny Cash lovers. Sailing and listening to Johnny’s best songs performed by the Cash Covers.

On Monday 5, Tuesday 6 and Monday 12 July, none other than Esmee van Nieuwenhuizen will board the boat. Together with Peter le Feber she guarantees colorful opera sounds.

Peter will also be there on Thursday 8, Tuesday 13 and Thursday 15 July for Yiddish sounds together with Esther Ephraim.

During the week there is Gypsy & Klezkof Klezmer music, coming Merijn Noise < /a>sing songs and the Hague hits from Onwijs Gijs. Students and teachers of the music academy participate and on a number of days there is even theater on the boat.

As Shadowtheater de Halve Maan taking care of Irma & Dorien special shadow theater for young & old. Unforgettable theater on the water!