You can rent a boat daily from 10:00.

About 5 adults fit in a rowing boat. Even with 10 people it won’t sink – but then you’re a bit tight!

You do not need to make reservations for the boats. You can just come by for a boat or call 070 3502863 to ask if it is busy. A drink on our sunny grass terrace makes waiting very pleasant.

On weekends, during school holidays and on public holidays you may have to wait a little longer. Then it is so busy that we keep a waiting list.

Picnic boats can be booked.

Costs and deposit

To spontaneously rent a rowing boat without a picnic, you can contact our counter. We ask everyone for a deposit or identification when renting a boat.

  • 14 euros per boat per hour and weekdays
  • 18 euros per hour in weekends and holidays
  • Deposit: Leave an ID or 50 euros.

Life jackets are available in all sizes and can be borrowed.


We have a terrace boat that sails around with you with its silent engine as a noiseless sailing balcony. It is very cozy as a family or company outing or with your friends! With a maximum of 10 people you can have drinks, lunch or bring your own picnic basket while you sail through the canals with a skipper.

This sailing terrace boat can be rented with music, a drink and/or snack and with lounge cushions. Send an email with your wishes and ask for the possibilities via alles@ of make a reservation using the yellow button.

Costs and deposit

  • During the week: 110 euros
  • In the weekend: 165 euros
  • In addition, you pay 25 euros per hour
  • Skipper: 40 euros per hour
  • We ask 200 euros as a downpayment, which is also the deposit.
  • High Tea, snacks, Lunch or a 3-course menu on the terrace boat including a set table, please order in advance.
  • Drinks can be ordered and taken on site.