Dramtune with Sandro Bruti at the Bootjes….rain or shine, always nice…..

We start around 5 pm with the Dramtune Tasting and nice music from The Soulslammer.

The tasting mainly consists of a wide choice of Single Malt Whisky, but there is also Grappa, Oude Jenever, Armagnac, Rum and Calvados. Sandro also brings some nice cigars and nice cold Apple Obstler from South Tyrol for the enthusiasts.

A meal prepared with love by Sandro is available from 7 pm.

Dramtune : Saturday, August 27 from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Prices : € 5,- per coin / € 20,- for 5 coins

Most dramshots cost 1 coin; there are also beautiful exclusive drams worth 2 or more coins.

The whiskey tasting is only for those who want to and reservation is not necessary. All other drinks are available at the bar at the cottage.

Food: From 7 p.m.

Price per person : € 14,-

On the menu:

Rigatoni with a tomato sauce based on delicious Italian tuna in olive oil, garlic, onion and capers, incl. a cucumber salad

There is also a vegan variant for those who prefer it.

Reservations not possible: first come, first served… so be on time!

Music: The Soulslammer

Entrance: Free