During the Parade (5-21 July) you can follow the arrows to the most wonderful terrace in The Hague.

To get ahead of things, we can already reveal that the last Saturday of the Parade will be epic.


From 4 p.m. you are cordially invited to a place in the sun where, around dinner time, Mattia will prepare a delicious paella in the pan of all pans.

The paella is with fish and without meat. Costs: €18 p.p. (incl. a salad)

The paella plates are limited. To avoid disappointments, reservations are strongly recommended or mandatory.


We set up a large table for one of our favorite guests, so that the tastiest drinks can be tasted before, during and after dinner! Poured out by the one and only Sandro Bruti.


From 4 p.m. Tabas-co hits the turntables and you can dance your feet off.

Et voilà, the Bootjesparty is complete.

Since we are heading to a unique Bootjesfeest for the 25th (!) time, we expect quite a few people. Don’t miss that boat!

Date: July 20

Start: 4PM

Entrance fee : from 7PM € 5,-

End: 11PM